OnlyFans star Elle Brooke delivered an R-rated speech after win over AJ Bunker

Only fans and TikTok star Elle Brooke delivered a vulgar speech following her victory against Love Island star AJ Bunker in a recent boxing match.

Elle Brooke is famous for being an Only Fans model and gained bigger fans through video sharing platform TikTok. She recently had her boxing debut against Andrea-Jane Bunker who is popular from Love Island 2021. The pair exchanged blows in a boxing event filled with social media stars.

Brooke was supposed to box fellow only fans star Astrid Wett. However, Wett pulled out from the fight due to safety fears 1 month before the showdown. AJ Bunker stepped in on short notice with just 10 days left. The match took place at the O2 Indigo in London on July 16. The cards were filled with social media stars and personalities with the main event featured by Simple Simon and Ed Matthew.

Elle Brooke doesn’t have any experience in martial arts before entering the squared circle while AJ Bunker claimed that she previously trained MMA and a bit of boxing before agreeing for the fight. However, Brooke showed more technique and slightly dominated the match. She delivered more significant strikes that clearly have more power compared to her opponent. Elle Brooke won the battle with the judges scoring 40-36 in her favor.

Surprisingly, the 23-year-old is not happy about the decision win as she was aiming for a stoppage. Brooke was a bit frustrated and delivered a pretty vulgar speech following the match.

“Yes I knew i could do it get me out of this s***hole. I was thinking f*** me. I didn’t get this KO, but here is to my opponent because you are still a dead thing. Look I f****** love you all. I know you might call me Brock Lesnar but that’s because I am. Someone end this interview and get me a f****** cocktail.” Brooke said.