OnlyFans star Astrid Wett pulls out of boxing fight after rival’s coffin stunt

Astrid Wett, the OnlyFans star, has withdrawn from her boxing match against Elle Brooke. She expressed concerns about her safety after her opponent threatened to murder her and carried a coffin onto the stage during their violent press conference.

Wett was ready to resolve her feud with Brooke, another OnlyFans star, in the ring at a Kingpyn boxing event in July. She has been training with famous instructor Mark Tibbs in preparation for the event.

However, Brooke had a coffin brought on stage. There was an inflatable doll wearing a Chelsea jersey, and a printout of her face affixed during the press conference. Wett feels the act went too far, claiming she was attacked during the fight.

Wett announced her withdrawal from the tournament on July 16 against Elle Brooke.

“I am withdrawing from the event on July 16 against Elle Brooke. I wanted to prove to everybody that a p**n star can do something different.”

“With the boxing, I wanted it to be well respected, and change the opinion on girls that are in the same line of work. Talking about the press conference on Wednesday, I was on edge the whole time.”

“Elle was allowed to bring a coffin onto the stage during the press conference, the day after somebody tragically lost their life in the boxing ring. I understand this funny beef back and forth, I can take that, but that is just something you don’t joke about. So to bring a coffin onto the stage is disgusting.”

“Where is the respect? Even after the event I alerted them and Elle’s team of the situation and nobody apologised. I was assaulted at the face-off and then again after.”

“Elle grabbed my face and then kicked me pretty hard in the stomach, which is fine, I can take that. But I was the one who was picked up and dragged off the stage.”

“She stayed on with a mic and continued to slander me during Ed and Simon’s face-off to which at that point I couldn’t defend myself because I’d already been dragged off the stage.”

Brooke will be without an opponent for her next boxing match. However, she claims she will find a new opponent due to Wett’s withdrawal.