ONE FC wanted infamous mumbler Brendan Schaub to commentate on cards

Brendan Schaub is a polarizing figure in the MMA community.

Recently he claimed that he has turned down an offer to serve as a commentator for the Singapore-based promotion ONE FC.

Despite his notoriety for knocking out Crocop and his past relationship with Ronda Rousey, Schaub’s podcasts have been facing financial difficulties. However, he continues to find business opportunities within the industry.

During an episode of TFATK featuring Bryan Callen, Schaub revealed that he was approached by ONE FC to work as a commentator. The irony lies in Schaub’s tendency to mispronounce words and his limited knowledge of ONE FC competitors, despite receiving sponsorship from the promotion. Additionally, he has a habit of speaking over others and has been criticized for his interviewing skills.

In a recent episode, Schaub discussed ONE FC’s interest in having him as a commentator:

“ONE FC reached out to me and wanted me to commentate. Can you imagine? Me commentating? I mean, I can barely pronounce anything right, and I don’t really know much about the fighters. But hey, it’s an opportunity, right?”

Interestingly, approximately four months ago, Schaub attempted to establish an MMA news vertical and positioned himself as the official source for ONE FC news. He claimed to be the definitive news outlet for the promotion, which was met with skepticism and disbelief from the MMA community. Comparisons were drawn to the absurdity of the UFC declaring TMZ as their sole official news source.

The truth behind Schaub’s claims likely revolves around ONE FC’s partnership program for MMA news sites. This program may involve providing specific or early press releases, granting greater access to interviews or quotes from their stars, and other privileges that professional MMA analysts and reporters would find valuable.

Schaub’s involvement, however, appears to be limited to receiving press releases and accessing company personnel for quotes or advance information on press events. It is worth noting that Schaub has featured guests such as Demetrius Johnson, Angela Lee, and Rich Franklin on his channel, leveraging his connections within the MMA industry.

While Brendan Schaub may be a divisive figure in the MMA fandom, his declining the offer to commentate for ONE FC showcases his recognition of his own limitations. It remains to be seen what future business ventures Schaub will pursue within the ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts.