ONE FC randomly gives $9.5k bonus to translator

In a unique and heartwarming moment at a recent ONE Championship event, the CEO of the organization, presented their longtime translator with a generous bonus of approximately $10,000 (350,000 thai baht).

ONE Championship, headquartered in Singapore, stands as the largest MMA promotion in Asia and is rapidly gaining prominence in the world of combat sports. Their ambitious approach has made them an interesting presence on the MMA scene. ONE Championship’s approach to the sport is certainly interesting, considering they’ve mostly made themselves a destination for muay thai and kickboxing and are even branching out into grappling.

They often feature unique matches with customized rulesets, blending MMA with otherĀ  styles.

Like many organizations, ONE Championship regularly holds events, typically scheduled for Fridays. The most recent event, ONE Friday Fights 38, unfolded in Bangkok, Thailand, and boasted numerous unforgettable moments.

However, it was a profoundly unique moment that distinguished this occasion from others in the world of MMA. During the event, an announcement was made that the founder and CEO of ONE Championship, Chatri Sityodtong, had decided to award a bonus to their devoted translator. Sityodtong’s gesture amounted to an astonishing 350,000 baht, equivalent to approximately $10,000.

The announcement took place in the ring, and the translator received the news as a delightful surprise. His reaction was nothing short of genuine disbelief and sheer happiness, as he knelt down and cried tears of joy.

This heartwarming moment quickly captured the attention of MMA enthusiasts and generated significant buzz. The video of the bonus presentation circulated on social media and swiftly went viral. Fans across the globe expressed their happiness for the translator, emphasizing how much he deserved this recognition. Some even likened him to the renowned UFC Portuguese translator, Fabiano Buskei.

As one fan remarked, “That is one hell of a bonus!!”

Another fan praised the translator’s exceptional skills, stating, “That dude deserves it. He always channels the fighter’s energy so well. (Fabiano deserves it as well for doing the same thing…need to appreciate good translators more).”

In recognition of the translator’s remarkable talent, another fan added, “Very much deserved, that translator is one of the best translators in the sport, he translates the energy that the fighter has perfectly, he’s just like [Fabiano Buskei].”