ONE FC issues response after Sage Northcutt threatnes to blow the whistle on PED testing, weight cutting and more

Sage Northcutt has recently taken to social media to address the circumstances surrounding his withdrawal from the highly anticipated showdown against Shinya Aoki in Japan. Northcutt’s unexpected departure from the event left many fans bewildered. Their bout was one of the major events on the card, so the announcement that came during the show left many fans dismayed.

In a candid statement shared on his social media platforms, Northcutt refuted claims made by One Championship, asserting that his decision to withdraw was not due to unforeseen circumstances as implied.

Northcutt revealed that he diligently provided the necessary documentation for his coaches’ visas well in advance, ensuring compliance with all requirements set forth by the organization.

Northcutt highlighted the unsettling nature of being informed about visa violations and the potential legal repercussions for his coaches, a detail that was not communicated to him beforehand.

In response to the escalating discourse, One Championship issued a public statement to SCMP extending empathy towards Northcutt and acknowledging the complexities surrounding visa processing for cornermen.

The organization attributed the unforeseen complications to changes in external guidance from visa consultants, which impacted multiple athletes participating in the event.

“ONE Championship empathises with Sage Northcutt in regards to the situation he faced at ONE 165, where two of his coaches were not allowed to corner him, leading to his withdrawal from the event,” a spokesman said.

“Due to a change in external guidance from a third-party visa consultancy on Certificate of Eligibility (COE) requirements for all cornermen at ONE 165, there were work visa processing issues leading up to the event, which unfortunately impacted multiple athletes.

“The ONE team communicated the ongoing issues to our athletes and their management, but there was clearly a misunderstanding with the options presented to Sage and his team.

“Despite his recent comments, ONE values Sage’s partnership on a personal and professional level, and we hope that we can resolve this situation amicably.

“We also hope our athletes understand that we were acting in their best interest in being 100 per cent compliant with local laws, and that this was an isolated incident given our track record of successfully flying in athletes and their cornermen for hundreds of global events.”