Once accused of domestic violence, Mike Perry exclaims his hands don’t discriminate genders

A new instance of Mike Perry behaving, for lack of a better term, in a Mike Perry fashion may now be added to the list in advance of his BKFC match up with Michael “Venum” Page.

The revelation that Perry and MVP would be squaring off in a bare-knuckle boxing bout has left many perplexed but eager to see what transpires. Given the star power of both, the booking was really unexpected. In fact Mike Perry even suspected there would be a late day switch in his opponent.

“I try to keep it real,” Perry replied. “I remember my dad used to say, ‘I’m 1000-0 in the street’. I give anybody the benefit of the doubt. Anybody can win at any given time, but if I’m not looking and I’m at the bar, and you hit me in my face… I see a lot of videos of old men taking out young dudes.”

Perry added, “People talk sh*t about me cause that old man came at me, and I swatted his ass. I swatted a few people in these streets—these hands [are] bisexual, motherf*cker. Anybody can get it, Any gender. Anybody can get this sh*t at any given time because I don’t trust nobody. Anybody getting too close to me is going down like that.”

This is especially problematic to say considering Perry has had a very problematic history. His ex wife Danielle Nickerson had lodged domestic violence allegations.

There was also a 911 call released detailing her concerns for her well being in light of Perry’s erratic behavior.

Perry was also featured in a sparring video in which he drops his then girlfriend Danielle with a body shot. Sparring session appeared to be light but then Perry ramped it up hearing the signal that round was coming to a close.