Officials from International Mixed Martial Arts Federation resign following revelation org is in severe debt

It has been reported that several officials from the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) have resigned following the revelation that the organization is facing significant debt.

The reports suggest that the $1 million in funding from the UFC, which forms the majority of IMMAF’s budget for 2023, has already been exhausted.

In a leaked letter, August Wallen, the honorary president of IMMAF, confirmed that the organization is in a financial crisis and has significant staff shortages.

copy of the resignation letter, courtesy of MyMMANews
copy of the resignation letter, courtesy of MyMMANews

He also indicated that he had been given a mandate to conduct an inquiry into the situation, but this mandate was subsequently revoked and given to a voting board member, which he believes is a conflict of interest.

Wallen’s primary loyalty, he stated, is to the IMMAF members and athletes, and he intends to continue with the inquiry regardless.

He plans to deliver his findings to the AGM, and the members will decide whether to give the current leadership discharge or not and elect new leadership.

It is unclear if IMMAF will be able to host its scheduled Youth World Championship in Abu Dhabi in August 2023 due to the financial situation.

IMMAF recently held an event in Belgrade, Serbia – World championships with several prominent members of the combat sports community in attendance.