No weed exemption for Nate Diaz in Texas after all

Nate Diaz was taken aback when he found out that the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) has a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to weed use.

While other commissions across the United States have loosened their rules on pot, it seems that Diaz won’t be getting any exemptions for his upcoming boxing bout.

Diaz is scheduled to box social media influencer Jake Paul on August 5th in Dallas. He had applied for a weed exemption, but it was swiftly rejected by the regulators.

Paul is eager to bounce back after loss to Tommy Fury:
“I’m filled with vengeance, ambition, hunger, drive more than ever before,” Paul said. “I have a lot to prove, two chips on each shoulder and it’s do-or-die for me. Truly this fight is do-or-die. I have to leave it all on the line. I think that’s the same for Nate Diaz.”

This means that Diaz must pass his tests for both the TDLR and VADA if he wants to compete in “The Lone Star State” later this summer.

Real Fight, Inc. President and Diaz manager Zach Rosenfield has stated that they will be working with VADA to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations set by the TDLR and VADA.

High Times reported that, “We will be working with VADA on testing prior to the fight and will be in compliance with all VADA rules, as well as the rules and regulations set forth by TDLR.”

If Diaz fails his test, he will likely face a fine and suspension from combat sports. Additionally, if he manages to defeat Paul, a failed test could overturn the victory and result in a “No Contest” ruling. Paul has a reputation for defeating aging UFC stars, so Diaz cannot afford to take any risks.

Nate Diaz recently gave a hilarious prediction for Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler. The Stockton native mistook Chandler for a young guy and went on to say:

“Chandler is explosive and young guy
I dont know how old he is but …”

For those unaware, Chandler is 37 years old. One year younger than Diaz.