Nina Agdal names co-conspirator she believes leaked sketchy photos to Dillon Danis

Recent legal developments have thrust Josh Wander, co-founder of American investment firm 777, into the spotlight, as he finds himself entangled in a subpoena issued by Danish model Nina Agdal.

Agdal alleges that Wander took and disseminated a “non-consensual explicit photograph” of her, prompting her to seek justice in a Florida court against mixed martial arts fighter Dillon Danis, who posted explicit images of her on social media prior to a boxing match against her boyfriend, YouTuber Logan Paul.

Court documents reveal Agdal’s assertion that Wander’s testimony is pertinent to her case against Danis, contending that Wander had knowledge of the photograph’s creation and dissemination without her consent, following a intimate encounter in 2012. However, Wander vehemently denies these allegations, labeling them as “gravely untrue” and dismissing them as baseless.

In a separate legal battle, 777 faces litigation in a New York court initiated by Obra Capital Management over a purported $20 million debt and allegations of a “fraudulent transfer” of two of 777’s entities to co-founder Steven Pasko in November 2023. Obra alleges that the transfer aimed to shield assets from creditors, hindering debt recovery efforts.

Despite these legal entanglements, 777 and Wander remain silent on the unfolding legal drama.

Reports indicate that Danis is facing substantial financial ramifications, with the lawsuit expenses estimated at approximately $400,000, a burden he has yet to alleviate.

In the aftermath of these events, Danis has retreated from the public eye, facing rejections in his attempts to attract the attention of prominent figures in the MMA world, notably Dana White. Danis’s aspirations to secure a contract with the UFC were swiftly dashed, given the intertwined business relationships between Logan Paul, the UFC, and the WWE, amplifying the consequences of his actions.