Nicky Rod fires back at Gordon Ryan’s greasing claims with PED accusations

ADCC gold medalist Gordon Ryan competed at a UFC’s Grappling Invitational recently and while he was successful against former teammate Nick Rodriguez the two butted heads afterwards.

During the presser, Ryan told and other media members that Rodriguez was greasing:

“And yesterday I asked in the rules meeting like, what are the like what are the repercussions for greasing. And they said, you can’t grease. I’m like, okay, what happens if someone gets caught greasing like nothing?” Gordon told

“I’m like, Oh, so you can grease. So the second that the sweat started hitting his wrist and I’ve trained with him many times and he’s is often very slippery and I was trying to get a hold of him.”

Rodriguez put up a great effort against Ryan and even broke his ankle in process – which Ryan acknowledged.

“And while I was doing that, he, like, put on a toehold. And I was like, I’ll be fine. And then, like, he just ripped it as hard as he could, and my leg broke, and I was like, Oh, well, I guess that’s broke. ”

Rodriguez was offended with the assertations his skin should be checked for lotion when Ryan looks like he follows the Liver King’s PED regimen.

Ryan also posted a clip yesterday clearly implying his PED use. Ryan was walking was a USADA poster at a UFC facility and had captioned himself giving the finger to the poster ‘Not today Satan’.

While Nicky Rod’s natural status is subject to actual confirmation, his physique hasn’t changed drastically over the years like Ryan’s.

The rebuttal is a logical fallacy, Rodriguez is implying two wrongs make a right while it’s undoubtedly that both greasing and PED use should be curtailed.