New UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland reveals ‘strange’ discussion with Adesanya after UFC 293

Sean Strickland emerged victorious as the new UFC middleweight champion, defying all expectations.

He defeated his opponent on Sunday morning by unanimous decision to become the new champion against all odds, pulling off one of the greatest surprises in UFC history.

Strickland is generally known for his controversial comments outside the ring, but he showcased exceptional skill and determination. All three judges unanimously scored the bout 49-46 in his favor, solidifying his status as the new champion.

After the belt was fastened around Strickland’s waist, an intriguing interaction unfolded in the ring between him and Israel Adesanya. The two had a short conversation before parting ways.

Strickland then disclosed that the conversation had really been about Adesanya’s dead dog after they had left.

Reflecting on the encounter, Strickland candidly shared, “It was f****** strange you guys, it was f****** strange. I think he was mad that I made fun of his dog, I’m not even joking. Is that what it was? He was mad that I made fun of his dog. What the f*** is going on here man? Are we having this conversation?”

“He truly was mad. I don’t f****** know. Izzy, I’m sorry I made fun of your dog, I’m sure he’s a great fella.”

It was quite peculiar, you guys. I couldn’t believe it myself. I believe he took offense to my jest about his dog. Can you believe it? He was genuinely upset over that. I mean, are we really having this conversation?”

Strickland was then informed that Adesanya was referring to the dog that passed away, of whom the former champion had a tattoo on his neck. He said: “Oh, is that what it is? ”

The reference to ‘Millionaire’ had been made in the buildup before match, prompting Adesanya’s strong reaction. He remarked, “The worst thing he did was bring up my dead homie. And I’m gonna go John Wick on this man.”

When his dog died earlier this year, Adesanya posted a video of himself stroking the dog inappropriately.

Despite an impressive recovery attempt by Adesanya in the second round after Strickland’s initial knockdown, Strickland dominated the subsequent rounds of the match. His relentless pressure and precise strikes ultimately secured the victory.

Reflecting on the bout, Strickland voiced his sentiments in the post-bout press conference. He said: “Feel like the guy didn’t even f****g try. There were moments where he was throwing punches around like, ‘Am I fighting a f*****g amateur?'”