Neighborhood altercation goes viral: Girl can throw down

Many people think they are the greatest combatants in the world, although they never had any actual altercations to prove their worth.

Analyzing the opposition before stepping foot into any ring or altercation is crucial. This footage has nearly 2 million views thus far. The lady in red ran towards the lady in white, and both held the position as boxers. The lady in red tried a punch but got a flurry of punches from the other lady. It looked like the lady was going to break McGregor’s 13-second knockout record. The lady in red could not maintain her balance after receiving these punches and fell to the ground.

The third person intervened in the clash, making it a two-on-one handicap match. The lady in white brawled like a beast as they covered both of them. The newly entered kid quickly gave up while the lady in red was still trying to get rid of the opponent’s grip. The lady in red throws legs and punches but to no avail. The lady in the white was continuously throwing punches at the kid in black while holding her from her hair.

The little kid behind noticed everything but did not participate in the altercation since it was none of his business. The struggle between the kid and the red girl continued till the end of the video, but it was clearly the day of the lady in white.

The video provides a lesson for all of us. Make sure you avoid these kinds of altercations when you are outside. Otherwise, you might face the fate of the kid and the red lady.