Nate Diaz slams UFC contender who dared to promote Power Slap

Dana White’s Power Slap League is one of the most talked about projects in combat sports today. Some find it entertaining, while others are revolted by it. The latter is due to its exploitative nature, or because of Dana’s latest domestic violence debacle.

Nate Diaz recently made his feelings known about the league. He insulted light-heavyweight title contender Anthony Smith, who praised it.

The “Lionheart” said that he “cannot get enough of the Power Slap League.” Smith said that he’s “ready for a pay-per-view,” of the series.

But it looks like Diaz isn’t too fond of the league. He replied to Smith’s statement chosing to slam the former UFC light heavyweight title contender.

Diaz did so by by stating that “Anthony smith is a dumbf**k”.

It seems like the fans also agree with the Stockton native. They are saying that Smith is a company man, or that he’s just kissing up to Dana because he wants a title shot.

A user wrote: “Company man. Nate not everyone has had a red p***y night so they gotta make up by cozying up to the boss man.”

Another wrote: “Hates on Ngannou and loves Power Slap. Sold his soul to Dana like Bisping”

One user had an interesting take about Smith being traumatized:

“Anthony smith is one of the only guys I’ve ever seen traumatized in real-time. Jon Jones had him against the octagon cage on his knees, then for 3 after he got stuck in that same position against the octagon. it was a little weird to watch. He would default to that”

Smith hasn’t responded to Diaz yet.

Smith’s bout against Jamahal Hill was canceled when Hill was put in a title match which he won. The “Lionheart” is now hoping that he has an easy route to Hill’s championship if he beats his next opponent.

Meanwhile, Diaz is a free agent looking to box according to promoter Eddie Hearn.