MVP opens up on what he wanted to do for his UFC entrance but the promotion forbade

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, UFC’s Michael Page revealed the elaborate walkout entrance he had planned for his entranceat UFC 299 before it was denied by UFC officials.

Page explained that he is a very creative person who envisions every detail of his fight night experience, from the walkout to how he leaves the arena. For UFC 299, he had a grand plan that he claims “would have been the best walkout that anybody’s seen in UFC.”

The walkout was set to begin with Undertaker’s famous entrance music playing. As the spotlight shone on the empty cage, Page’s brother would have been standing inside wearing Page’s trademark hooded uniform. When the music hit a certain cue, the lights would have cut out briefly. When they came back on, Page himself would have been standing in the entrance tunnel, leaving the audience confused about what just happened.

Page said he had it all carefully planned out, down to the specific timecales and lighting cues. He worked with his brother-in-law to prepare a custom remix of Undertaker’s music for the occasion. Page pleaded with UFC officials to allow the stunt, even offering to do a full rehearsal the day before, but they ultimately denied the request.

While Page expressed some disappointment that he couldn’t pull off his creative vision, he said the actual UFC 299 walkout “still worked out” and he “really enjoyed” it, despite being more subdued than intended. He vowed to keep pushing UFC with creative ideas, even if it annoys some people, because he loves to entertain.

The abbreviated walkout, which paid homage to Undertaker, still drew praise from the legendary wrestler himself on Twitter. Page believes if they had been able to execute his full plan, “it would have been even bigger.”

Dana White was reportedly not a fan of MVP’s walkout nor the viral walkout from Michele Pereira.