Muhammad Ali’s grandson set to make his MMA debut

In a surprising turn of events, a grandson of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali will be making his MMA debut.

Biaggio Ali Walsh is making his MMA debut on Fusion Fight League’s Rumble Under the Rims card this Friday, June 3rd. Biaggio’s brother Nico has opted for boxing and has put on several great performances.

Nico is 5-0 with four knockouts as a professional boxer. He is trained by Tyson Fury’s trainer, Sugarhill Steward.

Biaggio is 2 years older than Nico who is 21. Biaggio just wrapped his college football career and has since focused on MMA.

“I have been training MMA for a total of about two, two-and-a-half years now. COVID hit shortly after I began training so there was obviously a little delay but I worked out in the garage during that time.

“After college football I felt very lost and didn’t like where my life was heading. Pursuing MMA makes me feel more emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally positive,” Biaggio told FITE.

Biaggio obviously grew up around boxing, but with the legacy came a tremendous amount of pressure.

“I would say that growing up in the world of boxing would make me a striker but I do find myself pretty well-rounded. I began training with no specific base and started learning all the disciplines at the same time.”

“I did no previous combat sports before MMA. I was always just a huge fan of martial arts and boxing,” Ali Walsh said.

Prior to transitioning to MMA, Biaggio dabbled in modelling.
“There is no balance between modelling and training because I am rarely ever modelling. My last modelling job was in 2020 so those type of gigs do not happen so often.”

“I am solely focused on finishing college and getting better in the gym. If a paid modelling job were to come up, I want to make sure it works around my school and gym schedule.”

As for MMA, Biaggio joined Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas and is trying his best to advance his career.

“I want to become a champion. To be it doesn’t matter the organisation or promotion. I just want to make a name for myself and continue the tradition of fighting in my family.”