Mother of college wresting superstar CRUSHES her glasses after he loses with one second on the clock

A mother went viral after becoming emotional and raging following her son’s loss at the NCAA tournament. She threw a tantrum and smashed her glasses while seated in her audience seat.

University of Iowa star, Spencer Lee, competed in a recent NCAA D-I tournament. The 24-year-old was hoping to win his fourth national championship in NCAA-DI wrestling. However, Matt Ramos stopped the three-time collegiate wrestling national champion.

Ramos, from Purdue University, put in an impressive performance, securing a win in the final seconds of the match. Lee was pinned down at the end of the third quarter. With this victory, Ramos successfully ended Lee’s 58-win streak, the longest in the country.

Although many fans were upset about the loss, Lee’s mother, Cathy, was the most visibly affected. Caught on camera in the audience, she could be seen screaming and crying. Then, she took off her glasses and squeezed them before breaking the frame and slamming them to the ground.

Cathy’s emotional outburst gained attention, and her reaction went viral on social media. Many people gave their opinion in the comment section.

“I wonder how much money she bet?” one person wrote.

Another said, “The focus should not be on Spencer Lee’s mother. She did nothing wrong, and her reaction is understandable. The focus should be on Matt Ramos, who pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of college wrestling.”

“That’s not parenting. That’s a sad act of entitlement. A parent who was so used to their child winning that losing was never a realm of possibility. Spencer needed support, not a parent’s tantrum. A great learning lesson for the Lee family,” a third person commented.

According to ESPN, both of Lee’s parents were professional Judo athletes. His mother was an alternate for the US Olympic judo team in the past. Surely, Cathy knows a lot about tournaments and how important they are for competitors. Her reaction was entirely normal, similar to coaches seeing their protege’s loss.

The Division I Wrestling Championships saw an incredible scene. Iowa’s Spencer Lee, who was going for his fourth national championship, lost in the semifinals.