Mokaev wants to fast track career, will be back after Ramadan

The undefeated flyweight prospect Muhammad Mokaev has made a statement on his UFC debut after submitting Cody Durden in 58 seconds at UFC London, Saturday night.

Muhammad Mokaev couldn’t have picked a better outcome for his UFC debut. For the first fight of the prelims, Mokaev faced Cody Durden in a flyweight bout. The 21-year-old fighter had several feuds during the build up for their fight. His opponent, Durden isn’t the only one he has had a beef with.

Mokaev took to his Twitter account to defend UFC fighter pay prior to his debut.

“UFC doesn’t get enough credit [for] what they are doing behind the scenes, [the] amount of staff are working and helping fighters with everything. Don’t just look at the wages of a fighter, look how much they’re investing behind the scenes! Thank you @ufc and all staff!” Mokaev wrote.

Mokaev landed a good knee to the chin of Durden early.  Mokaev used this opportunity to  lock in a guillotine choke. Durden then slammed Mokaev but failed to get out of the choke in spite of the



The 21-year old got shared some extra info during a backstage interview with Laura Sanko.

‘The Punisher’ was asked if there were any names that he would like to call out in the UFC’s flyweight division. He got one name on his mind.

“With respect, I want Tim Elliott, is in top ten, I hope he accept this fight and he just won fight against one of the Russian guys, good guys you know, I mean so, I want to fight him, beat him, and go to top five and fast track to UFC belt.”

“I hope Dana give me this fight.” he added.

Elliott recently came under fire when he used every cheat in the book to defeat Ulanbekov. He later tried to play victim and claim if he had lost nobody would care if he cheated.

Considering that Mokaev took almost no damage in the fight, everyone wanted to know when he would like to get back into the octagon.

“As soon as possible, I’ve competed in the IMMAF before, I’ve fought like this but with decisions five times in one week, making weight every day, so this is interesting,  But now I have like Ramadan, so after Ramadan, I will be back again.”

Ramadan engulfs the entirety of April, starting on the 1st and ending on the 30th. Considering how other Dagestani fighters treated the fast – it’s to be expected Mokaev first refuel and then make his way back into the cage.

He’s one of the hottest prospects in the UFC recently. A fight against a ranked opponent seems inevitable for Mokaev after the electrifying debut. Mokaev has his eye o becoming the youngest UFC champion in history. That title is currently held by Jon Jones who defeated Shogun Rua for the title when he was just 23.