MMA veteran turned martial arts instructor charged after abusing minor

A 42-year-old man was recently apprehended and charged with two charges of criminal sexual assault and one count of sexual abuse.

The three incidents all took place in Badger Combatives martial arts school.

According to a press release:

“Beau W. Admire, 42, a coach and personal trainer at Badger Combatives, 313 E. Main St. in Galesburg, is charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, following three separate incidents in Monmouth.

The charges allege acts of sexual penetration and sexual misconduct with a minor over whom Admire held a position of trust, supervision, or authority,”

All three charges are Class 1 felonies, carrying sentences of up to 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Admire’s first court appearance is set for Dec. 2.

Beau Admire has also been a martial arts coach in Monmouth and Abingdon.

Admire competed in mixed martial arts on 5 separate occasions from 2007 up to 2010.

According to a local news source Admire talked to years earlier, he ran the martial arts studio along with his wife.

Despite the fact that he’s wearing a bjj gi in some of the promotional materials he claims to have taught a ‘realistic self defense system’. He self described it as:

“We teach a realistic self defense system for real world situations. We train all of our students in boxing and kickboxing style striking. We drill many different self defense scenarios for the student to learn how to deal with these possible situations. ”

According to the same source they offered classes for toddlers, beginners self defense for kids 6 to 12 and adult self defense for ages 12 and up.

Like many other problematic instructors, he says he has black belts in many martial arts disciplines without naming a single one.