MMA vet/Bodybuilder hospitalized after suspect bicep injections

There have been discussions lately on how Mixed martial arts endanger the mental health of participants via excessive weigh cutting but the psychiatric toll perhaps still isn’t as bad as bodybuilding.

While weight cutting might trigger an ED, body builders often end up with a distorted image of themselves which leads to lengthy unsavory health practices.

Mixed martial artist and bodybuilder Szymon Komandos is now in a terrible situation as a result of some poor choices.

Polish-born Komandos has garnered attention in that part of the globe for a number of reasons, including a short time spent in jail. However, he had injected his biceps with synthol recently. Polish outlet was the first to report on the recent development.

Synthol is a synthetic oil substance used to artificially expand the size of your muscles, generally the biceps. However, it affects the quads or calves as well. Komandos has huge biceps which have readily stuck out as the most distinctive feature about him.

In the bodybuilding community, PEDs are often used by athletes who want to increase the size of their muscles so they can compete, with varying degrees of success. Notably, PEDs don’t guarantee success a good deal of actual work is required.

However synthol is a whole other thing – it basically grants an embellished physique with little to no physical requirements besides compromising your actual health.

People have had severe negative effects as a result of synthol use. Szymon Komandos can now attest that this was the case.

And the surgery delayed his MMA debut.

Thick material is getting ready. I get 100 texts a day “Homie, when are you going to fight in some promotion”. I will say this – for now, I will not fight in any federation. I’m ****ed, because my money f****ala from before my face. But I have no choice because I need to fix myself. Because of this f***ing detention center, some complications have sprung up from these synthols, not synthols, and I’m in the hospital. The drip flows into the femoral vein. I’m having biceps surgery tomorrow. Don’t take it at all that I’m going soft or losing hope. The thing is, if I get my hands done and they recover, they’re going to be so fucked up it’s crazy. Also remember that I officially promise that I will have a fight. I’m gonna make such a *** you’ll see.”

The Polish bodybuilder said in a post to his Instagram Stories that he had been taken to the hospital right away after experiencing complications with the synthol in his arms. He was compelled to undergo emergency surgery, having the synthol drained from his arms, in order to save the muscular tissue in his biceps.

In light of everything, it seems that Komandos was able to complete the treatment without any issues. He looks to have left the hospital, albeit he’s probably still in a lot of pain.

It is clear that Szymon Komandos put himself in this predicament. However, it is encouraging to see that he was able to get medical care quickly enough to prevent things from becoming worse. We hope he’s learnt from his errors and will make an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle going ahead.