MMA twitter roasts Dillon Danis after Danis was slugged at Celeb boxing event

We constantly see influencers who try to make themselves appear more serious about the combat sports of their choosing – but the opposite isn’t always the case.

While Jake Paul is busy trying to get taken seriously, Dillon Danis has basically talked himself out of any sort of legitimacy in combat sports.

Danis started his professional sports career in jiu-jitsu. He was a black belt under a generational talent that was Marcelo Garcia. But Garcia quickly got tired of Danis’ antics once he joined McGregor’s coaching staff and distanced himself from Danis.

Danis proceeded to put on lackluster performances as a grappler – mostly due to not respecting his own physical limits. A great example of this was when Danis was roughly 77kg, he moved up to ADCC’s 88kg division (in part due to Garcia banishing him from the team) – at which point he was paired up with gigantic looking Gordon Ryan who edged out a victory via referee’s decision.

From there, Danis went to MMA. And here his reputation sank to a new low. Day in and out, Danis was calling out legitimate legends and prospects all while occasionally facing no name competitors himself.

Nothing amounted from his many online challenges besides random scuffles.

Fastforward to this weekend. Danis was in attendance at the weigh ins for KSi’s latest boxing event. There, Danis was trying to promote his own pending boxing match against the social media influencer.

But it didn’t end there either – Danis ended up pursued by MMA vet who turned to boxing who slugged him with enough power that Danis was shaken on his feet.

While this wouldn’t be that newsworthy on a regular day, the amount of fans Danis has aggravated through the years make it a different story.

Many MMA pundits proceeded to viciously mock and roast Danis – similar to what he had to go through when he was incapacitated by a bodyguard after a drinking session.

And while it’s easy to dunk on someone while they’re down, this is ultimately sad to see because Danis is actually a great grappler. As for MMA, it’s highly doubtful he can come back considering the extensive knee surgeries he had to undergo but it’s not impossible – especially considering how shallow pool of talent is over at Bellator.