MMA quotes that precede unfortunate events: Ben Askren edition

Ben Askren was a welcome infusion in the UFC welterweight division when he was traded from ONE FC in return for Demetrius Johnson.

Askren had a contentious relationship with Dana White early in his career with White going so far as to refuse to sign him when there was an opening. Askren ended up spending much of his prime between ONE FC and Bellator – both of which he was the champion in.

But Askren’s claim to fame wouldn’t come until he made it into the UFC and started being the main attraction at any and all press conference’s.

“I don’t determine who wins or loses here – these guys do,” White said at a press conference prior to UFC 235, which takes place March 2 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“I make the fights, and they either win or lose them on their own. It has nothing to do with me.”

Askren responded by saying:

“Imagine you’re smoking a cigar, 74, 75, thinking, ‘You remember when those guys thought Askren was going to come here, and I got his ass kicked three times,’” Askren said, adopting the gravely voice he presumed White would carry into old age.

“‘Ha ha ha ha.’ Like, I can just picture that in my head. That’s like, so funny. That’s probably what I would do if I was in your situation.”



When all was said and done, Askren retired and underwent hip surgery. He is rumored to still have one fight left on his deal with the UFC and has called to face different aces from time to time but to no avail. Safe to say Dana White is quietly gloating at his mansion.