MMA pro leaves multiple police officers badly injured in brutal attack

A mixed martial artist from Argentina had a scuffle with 4 police officers. The amateur practitioner won the confrontation and left the officers injured.

The incident took place in Berisso city in Argentina last Saturday. MMA practitioner Pablo Ariel Pombo was being held in the region’s police stations for making threats with a weapon and other crimes.

When detained, Pombo had an argument with an inmate. The argument quickly turned into a heated verbal altercation. It didn’t take long for the two to start a brawl in their cell. . The 27-year-old was reportedly hitting his own head against the end of a concrete bed.

Several police officers went to their cell to prevent Pombo from inflicting further damage on himself. However, Pombo’s rage hadn’t ended yet. He took on those police officers and attacked them bare-handed. He attacked those officers with everything he got in his arsenal.

Witnesses there said that Pombo started the attack with a strike on one of the officers’ knee. He bit his second victim on the nipple, followed by a hard headbutt on the third officer. Witnesses also claimed that Pombo was clearly using his knowledge and expertise in MMA to beat the officers.

After a few minutes of chaos, they finally managed to subdue Pombo. At that point blood started to smear on Pombo’s head after he banged his head on the concrete bed earlier. This attack caused four members of the Berisso Fourth Police Station to be injured badly.

Following the incident, personnel from the Emergency Medical Attention Service (SAME) sent Pombo to the nearby hospital. After learning what happened, the judges charged him with ‘attack and resistance to authority, aggravated injuries and damages’.