MMA practitioners stop alleged car thief and make a citizen’s arrest

Vigilantism is generally frowned upon – but as of late there are plenty of mixed martial artists who get involved and manage to thwart crime in progress. Recently an alleged car thief encountered a group of MMA practitioners in Perth, Australia.

The thief allegedly broke into a car in front of the MMA gym and fled with the stolen goods belonging to a gym member.

Moments later, the man who had his goods stolen received a phone notification that his debit card was used at a nearby shopping center. All the athletes from the gym then jumped in a car to go after the criminal.

“It was very unfortunate for him and bad timing,” Romel Luistro, one of the men who apprehended the perp told Today.

After the phone alerted that the debit card had been used, about 15 MMA practitioners were on his heels. The victim of the robbery got the description of the alleged perp from a store clerk that he had visited moments earlier. The description was enough for the gym goers to locate the criminal.

“He was having a great day until we showed up – he had all his shopping on him, he had flip flops when he left the gym, but when we stopped him, he had brand new shoes he had just bought.”

Romel Luistro reported that he and his friends pinned the criminal down and waited for police to arrive.

“He was threatening us saying he was going to beat us up, but there were 15 of us,” Romel said.

“He was trying to run for his life, but we just said: ‘Look mate, you’ve done the wrong thing, just wait here.”

Romel said that while he has no intention of working as a law enforcer, his MMA skills came in handy when he needed to stop the burglar.

“This is our sport, we enjoy it, and it has its benefits for real life as well,” he said.

“In a situation like this, it came in really handy without hurting him.”