MMA legend Rampage Jackson details Phil Baroni video chat hours before murder arrest

Rampage Jackson chatted with the former boxer Phil Baroni just hours before Baroni was accused of murdering a woman in Mexico.

While staying at a hotel in Mexico earlier this month, Baroni reportedly beat his girlfriend to death. He has been charged with aggravated femicide. If proven guilty of the accusation, he could serve up to 75 years in prison.

Police shared that Baroni tried to claim he shoved her into the shower. She slipped and injured her head, falling unconscious. Authorities then discovered her body on the bed in the hotel room, with 37 different injuries.

Baroni is presently in state prison but could be moved into a federal one. The case is in a pre-trial six-month discovery period in order to gather and analyze the evidence against him.

The MMA world was surprised by Baroni’s alleged conduct. Many people began to speculate about what could have caused his girlfriend’s death.

Jackson recently discussed some of the circumstances surrounding Baroni’s suspected murder of his fiancĂ©e in an interview with No Jumper.

Jackson said,

“I don’t know if you noticed, but a former UFC fighter just killed a girl in Mexico.”

“This is the weirdest thing. I was talking to him. I was in Japan. I was talking to. He wanted to get a bareknuckle fight. Me and my and my one of my coaches, Antonio McKee, we was in Japan talking to him face timing on Instagram. I don’t know if it was the day before or the day of because, you know, the time difference in Japan”

“And we were talking to him regular shoot, regular sitting, and he seemed fine.”

“You know, he had been in Mexico for for a while, and I had recently posted something, a comment on his page because he he got me some type of gig and any time someone gets me a gig, making some money. I like to, you know, break them off (some) ”

“And then a girl slid into my DM like, Yeah, he killed my friend. I thought of like, Wow. So it was he just beat the girl up. And that makes that makes all of us look bad if you really think about it. Yeah. You know, it’s scary that, you know, a professional fighter can actually go and beat a girl to death.”

Rampage reiterated:

“And if I’m ever dating a girl and it gets to the point where I’m like, I get it in my mind, like, man, I feel like smacking this b****h – it’s done.”

At Rebel FC 9 in September 2019, Baroni lost a mixed martial arts match via first-round submission. Throughout his career, he competed in the UFC many times, defeating Curtis Stout, Amar Suloev, and Dave Menne.

THere were speculations he was suffering from CTE and seemed incoherent for years.


Josh Barnett explained that CTE was likely to blame for the legal issues Baroni was now facing.

“The news about Phil Baroni is terrible and incredibly tragic as well. I’ve known Phil for 2 decades + and at the 1st JB Bloodsport show could see that his personality and behavior was erratic, displaced, and emotionally he was all over the place and it was obvious why: CTE”

“It was so tough dealing with him at the show that I couldn’t keep booking him even though I wanted to. He was too much to handle and so scattered. He blew up at me because I hadn’t used him again and I blocked him on social media but there wasn’t much I could do.”