MMA legend Rampage Jackson cautioned son to not be a vegan while pursuing MMA

MMA legend Rampage Jackson recently revealed that he cautioned his son against attempting to pursue a career in MMA while adhering to a vegan diet.

In an interview on the MMA Hour, Jackson stated that his son had aspirations of following in his footsteps and becoming an MMA fighter. However, Jackson’s son also chose to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Jackson advised against this, believing that it would be incredibly difficult to succeed at the highest levels of MMA while sticking to a vegan diet.

“I told him, like, son, you can’t there’s no way you would be an MMA champion and be a vegan,” said Jackson. “And he don’t believe me. He thinks that he could be the first vegan champion in the world. I’m like, okay. This is what he thinks. But I’m like, you’re just making everything hard. You’re helping your opponents. Now you’re not giving me a weight, now. You’re not training like the way you should, like the way your dad did.”

Jackson felt that his son was not listening to his advice and was determined to attempt to do things “the hard way.” After his son lost his first professional MMA fight, Jackson decided that his son needed to learn on his own.

“So I just said, you know what? Fk me. And I pushed him out the nest. You can get the fk out. Go do it on your own. Because no one helped me when I was his age, you know what I’m saying? I felt like I was a crutch.”

The MMA legend felt that his son had things too easy by following in his footsteps and wanted him to learn the difficulties of the sport on his own.

Jackson remains skeptical that his son, or any fighter, can reach the pinnacle of MMA achievement while adhering to a strict vegan diet. Only time will tell if his son or another fighter can prove Jackson wrong and become the first ever vegan MMA champion.