MMA is the easiest sport to become a champion in according to former UFC champ Mighty Mouse

According to former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, mixed martial arts is the easiest sport in which to become a world champion. Johnson, who defended the UFC flyweight title a record 11 times during his celebrated career, explained his reasoning in a recent interview.

“I’ll say it all the time. MMA is the easiest sport to become a world champion. It truly is,” Johnson stated. He went on to elaborate that the reason is because “you have people who are very good at one thing and have so many holes and deficiencies in their game.”

Johnson used an example from his own training to illustrate his point. He described working with a training partner who was skilled in one particular area. When Johnson asked what would happen if an opponent was not good in that same area, his partner didn’t know how to respond initially.

“I was like, He has a deficiency. He needs to work on that. So he doesn’t have that,” Johnson explained in MMA Hour appearance, suggesting MMA fighters often have glaring holes in their skillsets despite being elite in certain disciplines.

The former champion argues that exploiting these “deficiencies” makes it relatively easier to emerge as a world champion in MMA compared to other sports where elite athletes are more comprehensively well-rounded across all skills required.

Johnson’s perspective provides insight into the unique challenge of achieving well-rounded excellence across the diverse range of skills required for mixed martial arts at the highest level. His contention that MMA may be the “easiest” sport for a world title stems from his belief that most fighters, no matter how talented, still have exploitable weaknesses in their games.