Muay thai fighter Defeats Burglar with a hammer

ONE Championship fighter Chris Shaw brutally wrecked a burglar who tried to break into his house. The gruesome incident took place in Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

According to Daily Record, Chris Shaw was lying in bed when a thief entered his house. He was in the garage trying to steal some tools from Shaw’s van. Unlucky for the thief, the house owner confronted him. He ran off from the house but Shaw chased him with a hammer in his hand. Chris Shaw managed to catch the thief and beat him down on the street. Besides the hammer, Shaw used punches and kicks to execute the beatdown.

The poor thief is confirmed to be George Hallidya, who is a well-known addict from that area. Halliday ended up in a pretty bad condition. He reportedly had a broken nose and could barely see. He was later booked for breaking into Shaw’s house.

The police arrived on the scene and saw Shaw with drained blood on his knuckles and Halliday on the ground. Shaw got arrested and later pleaded guilty to battering Halliday.

George Halliday was being asked about the incident when he was receiving medical attention at the hospital. He said he was mistakenly thinking he entered a garage.

“I thought I was breaking into a garage, but it turns out it was a house and the guy battered me.” Halliday said. Halliday refused to provide a police statement or let them photograph his ­injuries.

Halliday appeared in court the day after the attack and pleaded guilty to breaking into Shaw’s van and stealing items, and trying to break into his home so he could steal from it.

Shaw got arrested and later The 31-year-old Scot plead guilty to battering Halliday. Report from the Daily Record provided more detail regarding the incident.

“The court heard Shaw struck Halliday, causing him to fall to the ground, then hit him with the hammer, with the blow landing on Halliday’s arm. He then rained kicks and punches on the thief for about two minutes, leaving Halliday covered in blood and with an eye swollen shut. The police arrested Shaw, noting he had dried blood on his knuckles.”


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