MMA analyst Brendan Schaub can’t tell apart UFC champ Alex Pereira and Oleksandr Osyk

UFC veteran turned MMA analyst Brendan Schaub is known for his flubs. Schaub manages to screw up names of UFC stars, football superstars and famous actors almost daily. Many attribute this cognitive deficiency to a career in the UFC and the damage it must’ve caused.

But it might go further than that. Schaub is embroiled in yet another scandal thanks to his habit of using baddies, addies and surrounding himself with equally sketchy individuals.

Recently a clip went viral showcasing that Schaub might not even have any idea what he’s talking about.

This time, Schaub even got a laugh out of his producer.

Despite the clearly obvious headline and the accompanying picture of Pereira, Schaub seemed convinced that the two are talkin about Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk. As a reminder, Usyk and Pereira look literally nothing alike.

And it goes even further, Schaub seemed to be gauging their height and seemed convinced that Usyk is not even that small because he felt that he was the one standing next to the Chinese heavyweight.

USyk is substantially shorter than his heavyweight foe Tyson Fury who ‘lovingly’ refers to him as a middleweight when trying to stir trouble.

Schaub has previously commented on Alex Pereira too. He seemed really irked when Pereira defeated Israel Adesanya and went on to say:

“I’m not taking anything away from Alex, but I don’t think he beats a single guy in the top five. After seeing Izzy and Pereira’s grappling and the wrestling, I’m sure every guy in the top five are like, ‘Dear God! Please give me that guy.'”

Pereira subsequently addressed those comments:

“Brendan Schaub, I think he was running his mouth. Brendan talked a lot of crap that Chimaev would run him over and blah blah blah. Now, he said that Chimaev would be able to take him down in 30 seconds… “
“Here’s the deal, he’ll fight Chimaev in Rio regardless of being injured at 205, and he’s proposing to do a bet with Schaub.”

The translator added,

“He said he’s running his mouth, fifty-thousand dollars if he beats Chimaev. That fifty-thousand from both sides we’ll donate to kids in need. Also, fifty more that he doesn’t take [Pereira] down in 30 seconds. We’ll double those fifty to put it toward charity.”

Schaub appeared to accept the bet but nothing came of it.