Mixed martial artist gets his nose crushed into a croissant like shape

Mixed Martial Arts is a brutal sport where getting disfigured after a contest seems like an every week thing. However, some injuries are scarier than others; one of them was this scary looking nose Blake Perry earned over the weekend.

Blake Perry was in the middle of his second pro outing this Sunday against the 0-1 Marcel McCain at Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 4 in Stockton, California. After a successful debut against the 1-0 Makoa Cooper at the Bellator cage in April, he was seeking to extend his winning streak.

In the opening round, Perry was in big trouble when McCain caught him in a tight Thai clinch. During the clinch, McCain landed a big knee straight to Perry’s face, prompting the then-undefeated athlete to back down. He visibly suffered damage to his nose from the knee.

But Perry refused to surrender as he kept on going for it until the round ended and he got treated by the cage side doctors. However, when the referee took a closer look at him, and immediately waved off the contest.

When the camera zoomed in on him, the audience and viewers could finally observe he damage to his nose closely.

This kind of nose damage is reminiscent =of a similar injury suffered by Mike Perry in the UFC.

Back in 2019, former UFC welterweight Mike Perry suffered a nasty nose injury during a duel with Vicente Luque. However, the ref and the doctors at that time let him continue. He proceeded to give Luque a tough time and despite losing by a close split decision, he earned an additional $50,000 from the FOTN bonus.

Back to Blake Perry, the-then undefeated Perry fell to 1-1 in his pro career. Meanwhile, McCain improved his record to 1-1.

Following the loss, Perry’s girlfriend, Selena Bueno, wrote on her Instagram story:
“@Blakemma170 is a warrior and would have kept if the Dr didn’t stop it.”

“This is not the last of him, we will be back and better soon. Thanks so much for all the love. Much appreciated.”