Misfits Boxing license suspended for “clear violations of the PBA’s rules and regulations”

Misfits Boxing is a popular promotion in the influencer boxing scene. Recently, it has found itself in a predicament as the PBA has recently suspended its license.

Since the year 2022, Misfits Boxing has been at the forefront of organizing numerous influencer-led boxing events. Many of them were headlined by the well-known social media star KSI.

KSI recently faced Tommy Fury, the half-brother of the reigning WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Although Fury emerged victorious through a decision, the lackluster performances of both garnered significant criticism.

Five months earlier, the PBA reversed KSI’s knockout win against Joe Fournier since the YouTuber used an illegal elbow.

Through an official statement on its X account, PBA justified the suspension of Misfits by citing “clear violations of the PBA’s rules and regulations” and accused the promotion of “bringing boxing into disrepute.”

The statement read: “Misfits Boxing: Due to the clear violations of the PBA’s rules and regulations, bringing boxing into disrepute and in the interest of boxer safety, Misfits Boxing Promoters’ licences have been suspended and disciplinary hearings will follow for such licence holders.”

Co-President of Misfits Boxing Mams Taylor had already publicly declared their intention to align with a new governing body.

The PBA had previously taken a similar stance against another influencer boxing promotion in April, Kingpyn Boxing. The PBA stated: “PBA has withdrawn sanction from the upcoming KingpynBoxing tournament and suspended Kingpyn’s PBA Promoters license until further notice.”

At the time, the PBA gave no justification for its choice.

Three months after the Kingpyn Boxing suspension, the influencer boxing scene witnessed a surprising incident. Kingpyn Boxing competitor Daniella Hemsley stirred controversy by flashing her bare breasts after a victory over Aleksandra Daniel.

Misfits Boxing recently announced its first event of 2024. It is scheduled to take place at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England, on January 20. The card is set to feature OnlyFans model Elle Brooke, who previously competed under the Kingpyn Boxing banner as part of the promotion’s High Stakes Tournament last year.