Misfits boxer hopes to cash in his V card after win

Fox Townley, is making headlines not just for his in-ring prowess but also for his unexpected celebration aspirations. The 18-year-old, who recently claimed a savage victory over Small Spartan Jay at Misfits Boxing 12 in Leeds, is now eyeing a unique challenge outside the ring.

Townley’s first-round knockout left his opponent, Small Spartan Jay, needing oxygen in the middle of the ring, marking a memorable moment in the event. However, Townley isn’t stopping there; he has set his sights on conquering another significant milestone – cashing in his V card.

In a ring interview with the Misfits media team, Townley made a candid revelation about his unconventional celebration plans. Despite the fight ending swiftly in the first round, the adrenaline-fueled event left Townley breathless but still in the mood for extracurricular activities. When asked about his post-fight celebration, he stated, “Hopefully, I can lose my virginity or something like that. I feel like I deserve that.”

While the nature of his revelation remains uncertain, only Townley, his friends, and potential romantic companions, if any, would know the truth behind his statement. The quirky revelation adds a humorous twist to his victory, overshadowing any debates about the manner in which he secured the win.

Townley’s performance in the ring was nothing short of confident and ruthless. Despite battling nerves before the match, he showcased exceptional speed and a focused mindset. Reflecting on his victory, Townley admitted, “I’m too fast for my own liking. In this camp, the thing I focused on most was my mindset. Honestly, with me, I’m an anxious ass person. I’m kind of a p**** if I say so myself.”

He continued, “Deep down, that’s one I have been battling against my whole life. I’ve always been anxious with everything I do, so to be able to go out there, in front of those people, I’ve had to work on my mindset. I was calm, collected, I surprisingly felt no nerves. There was obviously the regular pre-fight nerves but there was nothing on top of it. I’m just proud of myself and I am happy.”