Mike Tyson reveals he was on magic mushrooms while boxing Roy Jones Jr

Mike Tyson has admitted that he used magic mushrooms during his bout with Roy Jones Jr.

In an eight-round exhibition match in November 2020, Mike Tyson faced Jones Jr. During the lengthy battle in California that resulted in a tie, Mike displayed his enormous strength.

Tyson has now said he couldn’t feel the blows because he was under the influence of mushrooms during the match. Tyson has a 420-acre pot farm in Southern California and has lately promoted the usage of herbal treatments.

He spoke with Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor on the podcast “The Pivot” this week to discuss his life.

Tyson said:

“We don’t use [mushrooms] to run away. It helps me train, it helps me box better. When I’m fighting, I really don’t feel the punches. It’s really just like some magical s***.”

“You saw me just fight [against Roy Jones Jr]. I was on shrooms. I wouldn’t fight without them, are you crazy? And some weed.”

“I wish I did this s*** in my career, I’m so f***ing mad I didn’t know about this s***”.

In the past, Tyson has acknowledged “doing shrooms” with YouTuber Jake Paul after the latter challenged the heavyweight star to a money-making match.

On the other hand, Tyson was photographed earlier this year with a large bag of marijuana on his California farm which earns around $500k per month. As he promoted a new product called Tyson 2.0, he was seen clutching an industrial-sized package of marijuana, which caused social media to go into meltdown.

Iron Mike is a well-known supporter of marijuana. The former world champion has said that he spends £33,000 a month using the substance.

He admitted to Revolt that he had wished he could have smoked back when he was a fighter. Mike said:

“I should have been smoking while I was fighting. I would have been such a better fighter.”

“There was one time where I did fight with cannabis and I broke the guy’s back. I busted his spleen, broke his eye socket. I just did a number. And I was high.”

“There may be some children in [the audience] and I don’t advise you to get high while participating in sports.”