Mike Tyson: I’m not easily impressed but Ngannou knows how to box

Francis Ngannou’s passion for boxing ignited at a tender age, fueled by the admiration he held for the legendary Mike Tyson. However, his initial steps into the combat world took a different turn. Ngannou’s father first led him along a quite different path.

At the age of 22, Ngannou made a pivotal decision to change his life trajectory. He sold his motorcycle to fund the purchase of his boxing equipment.

Ngannou’s life meandered through diverse experiences until he ultimately set forth on a transformative journey to France. His story has gained recognition worldwide, especially after his remarkable reign as the UFC heavyweight champion.

Despite his past achievements, Ngannou has now set his sights on a new challenge – stepping into the boxing ring against Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC world champion.

The highly anticipated showdown between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury is scheduled for October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Many fans are intrigued by this face-off, wondering if Ngannou can hold his own against the seasoned and formidable Tyson. While Ngannou is certainly talented, some doubt his chances against such an experienced and imposing opponent.

Mike Tyson is a boxing icon and the youngest-ever heavyweight world champion. He has been vocal about his observations regarding Ngannou’s boxing prowess.

Tyson has been mentoring and assisting Ngannou in his preparation. He recently shared his thoughts on social media, stating: “I’m not easily impressed, but Ngannou knows how to box.”

On the other side of the ring, Tyson Fury’s father John Fury holds a contrasting view. He believes that his son has chosen a formidable opponent in Ngannou.

John Fury remarked: “What I expect from this fight is for Tyson to come out with a broken leg or arm. I’m glad he’s getting paid well, because if he didn’t get paid well I wouldn’t match him against Ngannou. He’s going to get hit hard and he knows it; they’re going to kill each other.”