Mike Tyson encouraged not to box Jake Paul

While Mike Tyson’s 56-year-old boxing comeback concluded without incident, it created a tremendous amount of concern for a lot of people.

Even though he is one of the all-time greats in the sport, Tyson is getting close to 60 years old. Thus, he has been advised against taking part in a potential exhibition boxing match against Jake Paul.

Paul, despite being a complete novice in the sport, has the advantage of youth over Tyson. While it wouldn’t be expected that the clash would go in the YouTuber’s favor, there is always the worry that a powerful punch to someone close to 60 could cause a lot of unneeded harm.

Not to mention the lifetime of accumulated damage to someone who was a pro boxer for his entire life.

Till his retirement from the sport in 2005, Shelly Finkel served as Tyson’s manager. He has recommended his former client stay away from such an exhibition.

Finkel told SunSport, “I don’t like it. Mike has his own mind, if he asked me then I’d tell him my opinion.”

Although Finkel said that there was meant to be the third encounter between his former client and longtime foe Evander Holyfield, Tyson has been inactive since his comeback against Roy Jones Jr.

Finkel added:

“He actually reached out to me and then I spoke after that about trying to put the Holyfield together. It never happened, and after the way Holyfield looked with the MMA guy that was over.”

While Tyson is eager to get a massive payday the damage to his brand value would diminish some if he lost to someone mainly known for being an influencer. Not to mention that the lead up to the event would surely be loaded with a lot of tension.

Paul recently addressed the possibility and outlined potential reason for why Tyson might not be interested.

“I think he wants to avoid maybe knocking me out, hurting me. If he knew how good I was, maybe the (event) would happen. Maybe him watching this (Rahman Jr match) will help, and I think there’s a very very high chance that I knock him out.”

“He’s not the same boxer that he once was and he knows that, I think it’s a great (match) for that exact reason. Me boxing on the outside, him coming forward trying to knock me out. I’ve got one-punch power, he’s obviously got that one-punch power, who wins?”