Mike Tyson dresses up like BUMBLEBEE and dances around on late night show

Mike Tyson is somewhat of a showman next to being one of the greatest boxers of all time. 57 year old Tyson has been busy as of late – promoting ear shaped edibles and rebuffing slightly disturbed fans.

He was recently featured on the Jimmy Kimmel show and had shared a funny dancing clip of himself.

Iron Mike posted a solo dance video of himself in the bee costume with the caption “it’s none of your beeznuss” and says “I’m feeling beautiful.”

In addition to the funny skit, Tyson also took a part in a game of  “Mike Tyson is right behind you…” where fans comment on Tyson prior to Tyson confronting them.

One of the people featured thinks the world of Tyson – yet doesn’t rank him among the greatest athletes of all time.

Once Tyson stepped behind him he added:

“No way! Probably number one now.”

 Tyson became the youngest heavyweight world champion of all time at age 20, back in 1986. He went on to have an impressive career and even unretired in 2020 when he got back in shape and faced Roy jones Jr (53) in an exhibition.

Tyson also addressed Jake Paul boxing match rumors during his appearance.

“I’ve never taken it very serious but that could be really interesting.

“He’s skilled enough yes, I’m going to give it to him, he’s skilled enough because he keeps winning.

“Even if he’s fighting guys you don’t believe are good enough fighters, they should be able to beat him, but they can’t.

“So he’s beating people who really he shouldn’t really be beating, we’ve got to give him that credit.

“He’s beating people that he should not really be beating and he’s doing good man.”