Mike Perry outs Georges St Pierre as the biggest ladies man on UFC roster

Former UFC welterweight Mike Perry recently had a guest spot on a comedy podcast.

‘Platinum’ Mike made an appearance in comedian Theo Von’s latest YouTube video. In the episode, the pair discussed many interesting topics regarding the sport of MMA.

Even though he has parted ways with the UFC, he still has many fans due to his exciting style and eccentric personality. He was notable for bringing his girlfriend instead of his coach as his cornerman.

In the podcast episode Theo Von asked Perry who he thinks is the fighter with the best luck with women in the promotion. Perry initially answered it was him, but changed it to Georges St-Pierre not long after.

“I wonder who the UFC guys that got the most prolific luck with women over the years,” Von said.

Without any hesitation, Perry answered “Me”.

“Well you got a beautiful wife, you’re right, man, you’re one,” Von replied with a laugh.

Perry then added that he thinks it’s actually St-Pierre, he also said that he heard that the former two-division champion is a “little wh**e”.

“I mean, they say it’s GSP.” he said. “They say he’s a little wh**e.”

And it’s not Mike Perry if it’s not throwing any ridiculously unexpected lines with a mic as he say:

“I bet he eats some nasty cro**hes,” Perry added. “I feel like if GSP eats cro**hes, he’d be like…” *proceeding with a bizarrely hilarious act out* “like he tries to stay far away like ‘gotta keep my face over there…’” *another act out* “…and she’d be like ‘DUDE!’”

Von can’t help but imagine the weirdly funny scene and laugh at Perry’s act-out joke.

After parting ways with the UFC, Perry jumps over to Bare Knuckle Boxing. In his debut in BKFC, he fought the ‘Let Me Bang, Bro’ guy, Julian Lane, in which he won with a five-round unanimous decision.