Mike Perry made 15 times his UFC salary at BKFC 56

According to reports, Mike Perry’s earnings from his bare-knuckle boxing match at BKFC 56 almost matched his total compensation from his 15 UFC bouts.

Former UFC welterweight contender Mike Perry’s latest foray into combat sports was against former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at BKFC 56. The match reportedly raked in an astonishing payday. This compensation almost rivaled his collective earnings from an extensive 15-bout career in the UFC.

The high-stakes bout between Perry and Alvarez served as the headline event at BKFC 56 in Salt Lake City, Utah, in December 2023. With the BKFC’s esteemed ‘King of Violence’ title on the line, Perry emerged victorious via a second-round TKO in a thrilling back-and-forth clash.

Chris j Lebeau reported Perry’s compensation, highlighting the staggering comparison between his UFC career earnings and his single BKFC 56 match. Perry amassed over $1 million for his spectacle against Alvarez, almost matching the total earnings from his 15 UFC matches.

Perry embarked on his professional combat sports journey in September 2014. Initially undefeated at 7-0, he transitioned to the UFC in August 2016. Perry made his debut with a first-round TKO win against Lim Hyun-gyu at UFC 202.

Throughout his UFC tenure, Perry competed in 15 bouts. He ended up securing seven victories and experienced eight losses.

His UFC career concluded with a unanimous decision loss against Daniel Rodriguez at UFC on ABC: Vettori vs. Holland in April 2021.

It was declared in October 2021 that Perry will make his bare-knuckle boxing debut shortly after signing a deal with the BKFC. Perry won his first match at BKFC: KnuckleMania 2 in February 2022 by unanimous decision.

With an impressive 4-0 record in bare-knuckle boxing, Perry’s ascent as a star in this combat sport has significantly overshadowed his UFC earnings.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest stars in bare-knuckle boxing and the face of BKFC today by many in the combat sports community. Furthermore, BKFC president David Feldman has proposed that the promotion schedule a rematch between Perry and Alvarez in Alvarez’s hometown of Philadelphia after their thrilling bout at BKFC 56.