Mike Davis gives insight into why Cain Velasquez was denied bail

MMA community was stunned last month when it was revealed former UFC champion Cain Velasquez had been arrested. Initially the information was sparse  – ultimately it was revealed Velasquez had allegedly chased a man indicted for abusing one of his underaged relatives, ran his car off the road and mistakenly shot another passenger in the car.

To add insult to injury Velasquez was repeatedly denied bail despite of having no prior convictions and having over 40 prominent personalities vouch for him with the judge.

Recently a private investigator “MMA Detective” Mike Davis explained what Cain Velasquez actually said to the Judge at his bail hearing to make the case for the bail to be denied.

As it turns out, Velasquez was seated before a judge for a bond hearing and asked about his intentions. At this point Velasquez allegedly revealed his number one priority would be to kill Harry Goularte.

“In announcing her decision at a hearing in a Santa Clara County courtroom on Monday, judge Shelyna Brown said “the risk is too great” to release Velasquez from custody.”

Velasquez is facing 10 criminal charges — including one count of felony attempted murder. Velasquez is looking at 20 years to life if found convicted on charges related to shooting that happened this past Monday in San Jose.