Michael Bisping gets trolled, falls for an ancient streaming trick

In a humorous turn of events, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping found himself on the receiving end of a classic streaming prank, showcasing that even the “baddest men on the planet” can have a good laugh.

During a live stream on YouTube where Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on the upcoming Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou card, a mischievous viewer decided to have some fun with the legendary UFC star.

While screen-sharing a tab on his computer, Bisping received a message in the chat: “Press alt and F4 to fix volume.” Believing the advice, the UFC legend pressed the key combination and watched as the video he was watching abruptly shut down. His reaction? “You pr*ck, what have you done to me… You’ve f**ked it for everyone, lad.”

What’s remarkable about this incident is Bisping’s jovial reaction to being trolled. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, he laughed it off, acknowledging the viewer’s clever prank. Fans were also amused by Bisping’s light-hearted response, with some calling him a “tremendous sport about being trolled.” The incident showed that even tough guys can have a sense of humor.

Bisping is often trolled, but usually fans try to get him to say something funny or inapropriate. Over the years it’s gotten so popular that Bisping even thought that ONE FC’s actual star Roberto Soldic was a made up name.

As a UFC veteran, Michael Bisping has left an indelible mark on the sport. Known for his style and impressive striking skills, particularly in boxing, Bisping established himself as a formidable middleweight contender throughout his UFC career. In 2016, he reached the pinnacle of his success by becoming the UFC middleweight champion after a victory over Luke Rockhold at UFC 199.

Although Bisping officially retired from professional competition in 2018, he has remained active within the mixed martial arts community. As a highly respected commentator and analyst for the UFC, he offers insightful analysis, candid commentary, and engaging conversations with his fellow commentators.