Michael Bisping calls out “5 punk b**ches” that jumped his son

Former UFC competitor Michael Bisping recently revealed that his son Callum Bisping was ‘jumped’ by five individuals.

Callum Bisping is a student at San Francisco State University. He bravely confronted a group of five assailants who targeted him. The men were unaware of the resilience they were about to encounter and quickly realized the error of their ways.

In a tweet recounting the incident, Callum shared images of his injuries.

In response to the tweet, Michael Bisping commented:

Promising to share the complete story on his podcast, he highlighted the strength demonstrated by his son. It seems from both tweets that Callum Bisping inflicted more harm on his assailants than they could have done to him.

Callum Bisping has inherited his father’s passion for combat sports. Following in the footsteps of his illustrious father, Callum aspires to make his mark in the world of MMA and currently competes for SFSU in wrestling.

Recently, YouTube personality turned boxer KSI faced criticism in his latest bout against Joe Fournier. The match took a controversial turn when KSI connected an elbow strike that sent his opponent tumbling to the canvas. Many fans argued that KSI should have been disqualified or had points deducted.

Acknowledging the controversy surrounding the elbow strike, Michael Bisping commended KSI’s overall display in the ring. He praised the YouTuber-turned-boxer for his athleticism, agility, and power. In an attempt to draw a comparison, Bisping also compared KSI to legendary boxing icon Prince Naseem Hamed on his podcast.

He said, “I will say this. I thought KSI looked really good. I thought he looked very athletic, light on his feet, fast, powerful, explosive, very, very aggressive. You know, to be honest, and I’m going to get a lot of crap for saying this, but, you know the way he had his hands low and he was bouncing around the place, he was kinda like Prince Naseem Hamed. Not as good, not as good, relax, don’t come at me.”