Memorial day snafu? Dana White fails to honors servicemen, can’t swallow meal ready to eat

UFC president Dana White failed to honor servicemen during his recent ‘F*ck it Friday’ series. The 52-year-old hilariously spewed out the Meal Ready to Eat.

‘F*ck it Friday’ is a short series where UFC head honcho Dana White tries crazy food combinations on his Instagram account. In every video, White usually gives an instruction on how to cook the food and eats it. Then, White usually gives an honest opinion on the odd food combos he was served.

Recently, White tried to honor servicemen of the United States by trying the Meal Ready to Eat (MRE).

“What’s up everybody? It’s F*ck it Friday here in UFC headquarters and we are honoring service members by trying the MRE.”

After giving the instruction, which is battlefield ready, White proceeded to take a spoonful of the ‘meal’. It didn’t take long for him to spit the food from his mouth and directly into the trash can.

“God bless our service members. That was f*cking disgusting. Absolutely f*cking gross” White said at the end of the video.

Another crazy food was the ‘Thanksgiving Leftover Cake’. The food is just like its name describes. It was made out of leftovers for thanksgiving. Surprisingly, White liked the taste of it.

“Awesome. Absolutely awesome.”

This recent video of the series surely ended up bad. However, some of the videos actually got a happy ending. For instance, back then Dana White tried to make Lasagna Pizza, which was inspired from a restaurant in New York.

As usual White gave the instruction on how to make the Lasagna Pizza. This time no food went into the trash can.

“It’s excellent. Awesome. It’s crazy because it tastes like Lasagna, but at the same time it tastes like Pizza.” White said after having a bite.

White said he loves the ‘F*ck it Friday’ series because every food showcased in the series can be made at home by anyone, without having some excellent cooking skill.