McGregor would like a new rule introduced into MMA after seeing it again at UFC San Antonio

McGregor observed Marlon Vera and Cory Sandhagen’s bout at UFC San Antonio, and he noticed both discharge saliva and snot in the fourth round.

Conor McGregor has made headlines once again, this time with his call for a rule change regarding spitting and snot rockets inside the octagon.

In a since-deleted tweet, McGregor suggested that MMA stars who engage in these behaviors should face point deductions. He stated that these habits are ridiculous, and there should be no such behavior allowed in the octagon.

As per Amy Kaplan:

Vera and Sandhagen are certainly not the first. Previously Dustin Poirier blasted Michael Chandler for blowing his nose at him.

And finally there was a problematic moment during which Chandler had blown his blood stricken snotty nose on Poirier.

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Poirier wasn’t amused about any of these and had words with both Chandler and Miragliotta during the winner announcement in the octagon.

Chandler came to talk to the press afterwards and disputed that any of it was malicious or intended.

Chandler was then asked about the bloody nose thing:

“When you were on top, the camera panned it and looked like you blew your nose on him with all the blood. Is that what happened? ”

To which he responded:

“I got a rocket up my nose right now. Trying to keep it, keep it, keep it. Stop me from bleeding. I mean, it was if I wanted to breathe, I bloody to to come out.”
“So, I mean, it wasn’t a it wasn’t a malicious, weird thing, but it was definitely like, hey, man, sorry you’re down there. But I didn’t I didn’t create gravity.”

There was also the infamous case of Luke Rockhold.

Rockhold might fade from MMA life, but that odd blood smear moment  against Costa will be discussed for years to come.

Paulo Costa compared it to an all time classical moment during UFC 278 presser:


At the presser Costa was asked:

” What was going through your mind when you’re getting all that blood smeared on your face because it look like you’re laughing?”

To which he answered:
“man I didn’t see you the moment of the fight. I just feel felt something, I felt something on my face. You know what I was so preoccupied I was so worried with blocking his his arms do not get got well worn on the face and punched. But now when I saw- is very disgusting. Scene is very weird moment.”

” I saw the moment that Romero kissed him after he bit him as well. I was, this is the weirdest we might say weird weird moment. This beat that moment. ”

And now Rockhold explained the motivation behind the gesture. Rockhold told Helwani:

“That’s just ‘f—k you,’

“I rushed it,” said Rockhold. “I should have had that mount position, its would have been over. You know how that world works. I just rushed into that one, fell behind, kept putting myself behind and couldn’t pick myself back up. I just felt like I was in there with a lesser man and I wanted to show him, ‘you’re my b***h.’