McGregor claims Justin Gaethje pretended to be going to sleep at UFC 274

Conor McGregor is a hoot and a half as of late. With the rumors of his return delay, he’s back in the headlines offering commentary to current UFC events.

McGregor’s latest observation concerns Justin Gaethje. Gaethje was submitted by Charles Oliveira following 3 minutes of action in the UFC 274 main event. This means him and McGregor share a specific bond – having both been submitted twice in recent history (Diaz, Nurmagomedov for McGregor and Oliveira, Nurmagomedov for Gaethje).

Whereas Nurmagomedov wanted to hurt McGregor and went for a jaw crank, he was much kinder to Gaethje abandoning the armbar for a triangle.

The 33 year old Irish sports star shared:

“Gaethje is a jackass. The amount of absolute dribble he speaks as well. Over and over. A Grade A jackass!”

“A bird brain with a bird brain manager. Two bum t**** they are. He is. A Jackass. Stevo Ocrack head in recovery should see can Johnny give him a part.”

“This absolute clown! The aul pretend to be asleep after he tapped as well lol. Jackass.”

This is nothing new for Gaethje who mocked McGregor back in December of 2021 saying:
“These guys have had their eye on me forever and they are too chicken s*** to pull the trigger. He does not have the confidence anymore.”

Recently, it was revealed that the Irishman was absent from the USADA testing pool for approximately 8-9 months.

It is mandatory for every active UFC fighter to be a part of the testing pool for at least 6 months to be eligible to compete.