McGregor Angry At UFC Over Promoting Poirier With Clips Of Him Getting Hit

Conor McGregor is slowly becoming the saltiest man on the UFC roster. Just last week Chael Sonnen speculated that he’s gone very far on the Ronda Rousey road of vanity and bitterness that’s very hard to come back from.
McGregor of course isn’t doing anything to dissuade these speculations. Last week he dedicated a large chunk of his media presence to confirming that he’s a cheater – and that he’s cheated repeatedly in fights against Poirier and Nurmagomedov. Another point of contention in his head – is his second loss to Poirier.

Many were dumbfounded when McGregor’s longtime coach claimed that the second fight was going his way before the injury.

Right after the fight Conor McGregor falsely claimed that Dustin Poirier did nothing in their fight. “You can celebrate that illegitimate win all you want but you done nothing in there,” McGregor said.

Though McGregor broke his leg, lost the fight, and threatened Poirer with homicide, his long-time coach Kavanagh seemingly agrees as he thought the match “was going fantastic.”

On a Wimp to Warrior video clip, Kavanagh told the UFC presenter Laura Sanko: “I thought he looked really, really good in there. I wasn’t concerned at all.”

Now he’s lashing out at UFC for promoting Poirier’s title shot against Charles Oliveira with the fight footage.


@ufc Is that the only shot yous had of him “landing” in that fight? Didn’t land. He just bowled forward while I’m on one leg there. Garbage! It’s 1 a piece and any push other wise is for the bin.
Stick me in this promo in the back ground as a dark, rich, evil shadow.
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