Max Halloway talks Towelgate with Gaethje, suggest there’s no animosity between the two despite viral incident

Former UFC featherweight champion Max Halloway recently sat down for an interview to discuss his upcoming fight against Justin Gaethje at UFC 300. The two will clash for the BMF belt in what should be an action-packed matchup.

When asked about his relationship with Gaethje, Halloway revealed an interesting story about their history. Apparently back when Halloway was fighting on the UFC 144 card in Denver, Gaethje helped drive him and his team around to the hotel and gym. At the time, Gaethje was just getting started in MMA and was hoping to make it to the big leagues one day.

“He was pretty much in his car with his dog and everything in it, and it it it’s an amazing star, bro. I don’t know. And now we’re here. Fighting fighting in the in the UFC or the most craziest title there ever is in the UFC. So I’m excited. You know?” Halloway said.

He went on to praise Gaethje as a “cool dude” and reflected on how far they have both come in their careers since crossing paths in Denver all those years ago.

“I’m glad we crossed paths at that time, and I see I see both our careers pushing to what it is. It’s just amazing and able to like I said, stepping off, you know, this man is it it means a lot,” Halloway stated.

So while they will be opponents trying to take each other out at UFC 300, there is clearly a mutual respect and even friendship that has developed between Halloway and Gaethje over the years. It should make for an intriguing storyline when they meet with the BMF belt on the line.

But there is one incident that cast a shadow over the authenticity of their kinship. Couple of years ago, Gaethje was among the men holding the towel while Holloway was weighing in, and by mistake, Gaethje exposed Holloway’s privates.

“I guess that’s the whole beef. I guess that’s what that’s the way to satisfy. Like, minimum beef the what what is that? That’s a tailgate. Right? We can call it a tailgate. Bitchy and hallways hall gates into it. It’s super funny. You know? And I and I totally told it. That’s the girl I was covering. I was like, he’s like, problem going right over. He looked at me. He’s like, I’m going right over. I was like, yeah. Go right over, bro, and he did it.”

Max acknowledges it was embarrassing but seems to brush it off now as a funny story between them. He doesn’t suggest there’s any actual animosity over the viral incident.