Matt Riddle used to drink beer in order to weight cut in the UFC

Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle recently appeared on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast and opened up about his extreme weight cutting methods when he competed in the UFC’s welterweight division.

Riddle revealed that he would often use beer to help him drop the final few pounds to make the 171 pound limit for welterweight. He said the last 5-10 pounds were always the hardest, so he would work out intensely in a sauna suit to sweat out around 5 pounds. Then he would have a small meal and drink to try to drop another 2-3 pounds.

In the last couple days before weigh-ins, Riddle said he was often extremely dehydrated and had no body fat left to cut. To drop those last hard pounds, he would drink beer. “It’s really hard to chug a beer, so you just, like, sip and enjoy it,” Riddle said. The drink helped him sweat more. He would drink a pint and then run sprints on the treadmill for 20 minutes. The combination of beer and intense cardio allowed him to lose those final pounds.

Riddle admitted it was an extreme and unhealthy method to make weight, but said his body was operating so efficiently in that malnourished state that it processed everything he consumed. He sometimes also ate some ice cubes or drank small amounts of water to try and trick his body into dropping extra weight right before hitting the scale.

While it aided Riddle’s weight cuts, he cautions that these techniques produced misery for him and are not recommended. Current UFC competitor, Ilia Topuria uses a similar method to cut weight.