Masvidal reveals his biggest UFC payday was $5M


Jorge Masvidal retired earlier this year after an MMA career that spanned for over 50 bouts. Masvidal competed in the lightweight and welterweight division of the UFC.

Masvidal has had a long and successful career in MMA, gaining recognition for his skills and style. He is known for his well-rounded abilities, combining striking, grappling, and wrestling techniques to great effect.

Before joining the UFC, Masvidal competed in various other MMA organizations, including Strikeforce and Bellator. He made his UFC debut in 2013 and has since faced many top-ranked opponents in the welterweight division.

One of the most notable moments in Masvidal’s career came in 2019 when he scored a stunning knockout victory over Ben Askren in just five seconds, setting a record for the fastest knockout in UFC history.


The knockout, delivered with a flying knee strike, instantly catapulted Masvidal into the mainstream spotlight and solidified his status as one of the most dangerous UFC stars.

Masvidal has also engaged in high-profile bouts against other top UFC stars, including Nate Diaz and Kamaru Usman. His popularity and marketability have made him a fan favorite, known for his charismatic personality and willingness to speak his mind.

But despite all that, his finances don’t come close to Conor McGregor.

In an appearance on the It Needed To Be Said podcast, Masvidal revealed his biggest take home was $5M, revealing that does not cover insurance. Masvidal went on to claim that UFC will cover all medical expenses related to camp and gym injuries however they don’t cover dental for instance.

“From a fight, the most, I’d say right around five m’s (million), total. That ain’t a bad night, you do the math, twenty-five minutes.”
At his peak, Jorge Masvidal was selling tons of PPVs

His first title shot against Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 sold 1,300,000 PPVs at $65 a piece: $84,500,000 in PPV revenue

If that’s where he got his highest payday, that’s 6% of the PPV sales.

This is the second time Masvidal addressed the question of UFC pay in recent weeks. He previously discussed UFC pay with Jake Paul detailing:
“If I’m being honest with you, the conversations I’ve had with the UFC, they’ve never wanted to let me go do boxing,” Masvidal told Paul while appearing on his B.S. podcast. “They’ve shut down things of that nature.”

“I don’t think you know how far away we really were from doing something. That’s why it doesn’t happen often when you’re under full contract, especially somebody like me. They’re very picky.”