Masvidal likely to retire if he loses against Burns at UFC 287

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal has stated that if he loses his upcoming bout against Gilbert Burns, he will retire. However, if he wins, it will provide him with another great opportunity to become a champion.

Masvidal is currently at a crucial point in his mixed martial arts career, having lost his last three. He will now face Burns, ranked no. 5, in a co-headline event at UFC 287 this weekend. Although Burns is considered to be in his prime and is a well-rounded athlete, Masvidal is optimistic about his chances.

During a recent appearance on Countdown preview of UFC 287, Masvidal discussed his future plans. He acknowledged that staying in the top 15 is not easy, especially since he is getting older and his time is limited. If he loses to Burns, he will likely retire, but if he wins, he plans to continue his pursuit of becoming a champion.

Masvidal also confirmed that he will face Leon Edwards for the title after his bout against Burns. The UFC is eager to book this, as Masvidal and Edwards have a history of beef, having fought each other in 2019.

The new bout could be the start of a new era for Masvidal, who has faced many ups and downs in his career. If he wins, he will be on the path to becoming a champion, and the UFC will benefit from the increased excitement generated by the chances of facing Edwards.

“This could be the last one. If I lose, I’m pretty much calling it quits but a win against Gilbert means that things are headed in the right direction, so if I roll the dice and do everything right, I’m going for it all.” Masvidal said.

Previously in an interview, Masvidal also confirmed that the UFC will book him against Leon Edwards for the title, according to some insiders.

The UFC should be eager to book a bout between Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal, given Masvidal’s star power and past conflict with Edwards. During a 2019 UFC event in London, the two got into a scuffle backstage, with Edwards receiving a cut below his eye from punches thrown by Masvidal.