Masvidal confirms felony charges preventing a summer comeback

Jorge Masvidal is still dealing with the repercussions of his self admitted assault on Colby Covington following their bout at UFC 272.

Masvidal is facing several charges – after all he damaged the Chaos’ Rolex in addition to contributing to Covington’s brain damage.

After the incident Masvidal all but confirmed it on his social media – but now he’s telling a different story.

Masvidal went on the MMA Hour last night and proclaimed his innocence.

“Allegedly this, allegedly that.” Helwani then chimed in and asked if the case is still underway.

Masvidal replied by saying,

“Yeah, I’m facing three felonies, if you wanna know the exact truth. And yeah, you know, still pending, you know. This guy’s a coward f**k. So, what could I expect from a coward f**k like him?”


The pending felony charges mean Masvidal is ineligible to compete in the UFC.

 “Yeah, but, I mean, the justice system, right? So, it’s not like I get to make up these calls and stuff, you know? I wanna say I’ll be okay. I was in the positive impression about my faith in the good outcome. But I’m still facing three felonies, you know.”