Man Tries To Instigate Conflict Against BJJ Teen – Gets Trounced

Yesterday a man tried to attack 16 year old junior bjj champion. The 16 year old showed tremendous restraint in how he rebuffed the attack and incredible maturity to boot. The video first surfaced on the account of Straight Blast Gym Alex Enlund.

The conflict was captured on video. Here’s how Enlund described it:

Fully grown man tried to attack 16 year old multiple time Junior World Champion in BJJ
Alex shows composure, restraint and courage to handle this situation

Get your kid into Martial Arts & Combat Sports it’s unlikely they will become the bully due to the humility learned on mats

On a different social media platform Enlund wrote:

 Kids got an incredible attitude, not only is @alex_williams359 a multiple time World Champion in BJJ, a silver medalist at the Youth MMA Worlds, now competing regular in the adult division at BJJ Tournaments he’s also a grade A student outside the gym getting 6x A* & 4x As in his GCSE’s.

Proof that work ethic is everything when it comes to chasing your dreams, this kid could tell me he’s going to do anything and I wouldn’t doubt him!


Williams’ social media is private however he’s active in MMA and has tried to launch his professional career for a number of years. He competed in World MMA championship in 2019 and came in 2nd.